About Me

I'm opinionated, outspoken and stubborn, but I'm also kind, sensitive and generous. I'm passionate, but sarcastic. I will not justify who I am to anyone who would rather pick me apart than accept me for who I am. 

I'm many things - sometimes quiet and shy, frequently reclusive and agoraphobic, sometimes bitchy and snide, often sarcastic and witty, occasionally charming and coy, always flirtatious and fun-loving.  

I'm mouthy, sassy and opinionated. I'm also loving, affectionate, romantic and sentimental. I like animals more than people, and I would rather cook a meal at home than eat out at a restaurant (usually). I open my home to anybody, but lock my car at the grocery store. I pick up pennies in a parking lot, but rarely recycle pop cans. I believe in luck, but have faith in a higher power. 

I love the outdoors - but only when it's not too hot. Or too cold. Or too windy or rainy. I love thunderstorms and blizzards, but don't want to be caught in my car during either one. I love flowers and home-grown tomatoes, but don't enjoy gardening. I will walk through a ditch fending off bugs & snakes to get the perfect picture of a fence post, but can't stand mosquitoes or ants at a picnic. That being said, I rarely leave my house. Paralyzing anxiety and chronic pain keep me home most days, but that's okay; they like me around here.

I rearrange my furniture all the time, but have only bought new towels once. I burn candles constantly but never use air freshener. I love painting and redecorating but can't stand the thought of paying someone else to do either. My house is always cold, regardless of the season. I love hardwood floors and Berber carpet but don't own either. 

My wardrobe has seen better days, but I hate shopping for clothes. My closet is filled with things I hardly ever wear and the top of my dresser is always covered with clothes I wear all the time. I love shoes and would sell my soul for a comfortable pair of high heels, but truth be told I prefer to be barefoot. My favorite piece of clothing is a blue hoodie that I bought years ago. It's a couple sizes too big and the screen print is fading. 

I'm traditional and old-fashioned. I believe in equal rights between genders, but I believe in the differences between men and women. I'm not afraid to change the oil in my car, fix a leaky pipe or build a bookshelf without a man's help. I appreciate when a man opens a door for me, but not because I'm incapable of doing so -- because it's the nice thing to do.

I'm loyal to my friends and trusting to a fault. Some of my friends have been here for more than thirty years. Some were here for mere days. I love them all. My friends come from all walks of life: gas station clerks, ministers, strippers, soldiers, cops, lawyers, actors, comedians, musicians, stay-at-home-parents, publicly renowned icons...and I have something in common with every last one of them. I would take a bullet for any of them. 

I love wholly and unconditionally, although I do have my limits. I try to be open-minded and tolerant, but there are some things I just won't put up with: ignorance, dishonesty, abuse, narcissism, and drug use are at the top of the list. But once I've drawn the line, you're done; I'm usually a one-strike woman.

My family is not defined by DNA. I gave birth to two kids, but I'm called Mom by many. My best friend is my "sister," my brother is called "Dad," and "Mom" also refers to my best friend's stepmother. Yeah, it can get confusing at times to those who don't live here, but the bottom line is that blood defines relation - not family.

I'm a writer of love stories, humorous blogs, and bad-ass tweets. In my free time, I fight crime, injustice, and Lyme disease. I'm better at writing than fighting. I hate confrontation, but I won't back down from one if someone else initiates it. Mostly though, I just want peace - in the world and in my world.