Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blocking game requests on Facebook

I'm fifty shades of fed up with people complaining about receiving game invitations. Of course, they're also fifty shades of fed up with getting game invitations, so I suppose we're equal. A friend of mine asked me to explain how to block game requests so he doesn't get them anymore.

Now, please keep in mind that many games (especially those that are played on mobile devices) don't always give us accurate options. Some games will tell us that people are playing the game when in fact they're not, so when it gives us the option to send lives to someone, if we don't know for sure that you don't play a game, we may accidentally send you a request. Please don't yell at us. Just do the steps below and block the game. Not all invitations are intentional. 

When you log into your Facebook account on your computer (blocking requests on mobile devices isn't possible that I'm aware of), your notifications that someone has sent you a request will be shown on the upper right corner (assuming Facebook doesn't change things again). Don't click on those notifications regarding games if you want to block. Instead, go to your left side menu, as shown below:

(Click on any photograph to make it bigger.)

Notice just under the Apps menu, there's a Games link. Click on that. (Not the "Games Feed" link at the bottom of that list.) That will bring up the following options:

Notice toward the bottom left there's a link for "Requests" with a number next to it. Click on it. That will bring up this page:

Let's say that Trivia Crack is the game I don't want to receive requests from. If you click the X next to the "Play Now" button, it will bring up the next page:

This is normally where most people stop clicking and they hit their home page link, not realizing that they can block all invitations both from the game AND the person sending them. Typically, I don't block all requests from the person, because they may play one of the games I want to get invitations from, but for some reason if you're still getting requests from games you've blocked, it might help to block the person. Let's just say for now you only want to block the game.  Notice in the cream colored box where you just had the request, it says, "You hid a Trivia Crack request from ______." Then a link that says "Block Trivia Crack?" is right beneath it. Click that link. (If you chose to block all requests from a person, then click the link under that option.) This will bring up this pop-up option:

Click "Confirm" to block the game. (I believe the pop-up is similar if you choose to block all requests from a person.)

Congratulations! You've figured out how not to lose your shit when somebody sends you requests.

Hope this helps!

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