Friday, June 6, 2014

An update on me, "Better in Time," and the general outlook from here

Hey all!
I wanted to take a few minutes and fill you all in with what's going on with me. 

As many of you may know, my health has been giving me a lot of problems over the last several months. After a stint in the hospital and more tests than I can even keep track of, it has been determined that I have chronic Lyme disease. While I am on antibiotics and am taking numerous supplements to boost my immunity, I still battle daily with the symptoms. For me, that means extreme and overwhelming exhaustion, brain fog, and a lot of joint pain. I can sleep 8-12 hours at night, be up for a couple hours and be tired again. Add in household chores, errands, doctor appointments or other events and I'm wiped out for days. While this doesn't affect most of you directly, it does affect my ability to do my job as an author.

I have been working on the next book in my Time After Time series, Better in Time but due to the pain and exhaustion, it's been in very small stints at a time. I have the story in my head mostly worked out, but putting it down on paper is difficult right now. I hope as the antibiotics and supplements do their job, these symptoms will minimize and I can get back to doing what I need (and want!) to be doing. 

Because of these delays, I don't know when the second book will be finished and I'm reluctant to give a publish date. Please just know that I haven't forgotten about you, Josh, or Carly. I promise their stories will continue as soon as I am able. I ask for your patience and understanding, and hopefully I will be back to my old self before we know it.



  1. Just rest and get better. I'm excited to read the book, but your health is more important.

    1. Thanks so much for understanding!