Sunday, March 3, 2013

Home at last

California was amazing. Ahhhhh. Mazing.

It was typical Cali weather for this time of year (from what we were told): high 60's during the day, low 50's at night. Jacket and sweater weather, but still warm enough to have a few meals outside on the patios almost every restaurant offers out there.

We spent the entire time going at our pace, seeing what we wanted to see. It was wonderful to have a no-pressure vacation. We drove to Malibu one day, spent time in Hollywood another, even made time to see a movie and have drinks with a friend. We fell in love with Burbank and Tujunga. We may or may not be looking into job opportunities. hehe In all seriousness, though, I always thought I would hate L.A. because of how different it is from the East coast and how very much I love my East coast cities, but L.A. surprised us. The weather, the slow pace of it, the beautiful surroundings...everything reeled us in and held us captive.

We look forward to going back again soon. Until then, we'll have our memories.

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