Thursday, February 16, 2012

Too little, too late, M'com

It's always amusing to me how much a company will kiss your ass when you call to disconnect services. 

Back in January, a promotion that our cable company offered us came to an end, which meant our $95 cable/internet package would be jumping to almost $200 a month. That's not something I care to pay, so we called to see what other promotions were available. We were told that we could keep our current package (basic and expanded digital cable, On-Demand services, all 5 premium stations and our 12 meg internet) for $166/mo but that we'd need to enter a two-year contract to get that price. I told them to forget it. We'd be shopping around and let them know when they could come disconnect.

There were no thanks from M'com for our apologies for not being able to find a suitable package that worked for our budget. Nothing. Just a "Thank you for calling M'com. Have a nice day." (Which, I suppose is better than nothing, but still.)

So we called the two major dish companies to find out rates and bundles for what we were looking for. One of them couldn't offer us anything better than what we had and since we live in the sticks, they couldn't even offer us internet. That wasn't gonna work. Me without internet? They might as well take water and oxygen, too. C'mon, people. The second satellite company was able to get us a great package AND found an internet company who was able to get us hooked up for about $50 a month. It wasn't the greatest price, but it was better than nothing. So we signed up and I called M'com back to let them know that we'd found someone willing to work in our price range -- ultimately giving them a chance to keep me as a customer by meeting the prices I'd been quoted by the other companies.

They failed.

So we continued with the installation with the satellite company and we love it. LOVE. IT. The bundle they'd arranged with the other internet company, however, was a fail, so we canceled our bundle with them. We're keeping M'com for our internet, which is fine. We haven't had too bad a luck with them in that respect and after we talked to the other internet company, their price was competitive anyway, so instead of dealing with the hassle of switching, we just stayed with M'com.

We wanted to make sure the satellite would work well for us before we canceled our cable, so we've had it for a couple weeks now and I called M'com today to disconnect our cable. I spoke with a girl named Katie. She was very sweet, very professional and when I asked to terminate our cable service, like any good customer service agent, she asked me why. I told her. She asked if she could tell me the promotions that M'com was currently offering that I qualified for.

I was polite, but told her that it was pointless and explained why.

She was appalled, reiterating over and over that customer service like that was not how they were trained and she was very disappointed that I wasn't treated better. She said she understood why I wouldn't want to continue cable service with them and apologized for the last person's behavior toward me. It was refreshing, actually. She took care of the disconnect stuff and reminded me that my internet price had been part of a bundle and without that bundle the price, would unfortunately increase by $15/mo. She was apologetic about it, which again, was nice. She then offered me a promotion for 2 years of internet at a deeply discounted rate if I entered into a contract. 

Gee, lemme think about that. I can either pay you $80/mo for internet or I can pay you $40? Hmm. This is a toughie.

YES, please!?

So, long story short, we're getting what we want at a fraction of the price. Buh-bye, M'com.

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