Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Magic Moment

I wrote a blog two Christmases ago about whether or not I thought I was providing my kids with enough magic in their lives. Not hocus pocus, but those magical memories they'll never forget when I'm gone. My decision at the time was: No. I wasn't providing them with good enough memories to hang onto forever.

Tonight, I took my kids (Midget and Big Man) to the movies. They each asked to bring a friend (T-Dawg and Mooch), so together, the five of us piled in the car. They wanted to see Transformers 3. My bestie (who helped me taxi the kids to the theater) and I wanted to see Hangover 2. The four kids went to their respective movies and we adults went to see ours.

When the movie was over, we said our goodbyes to Ann Marie and the five of us climbed in the car and headed home. Along the way, Midget became the DJ (manning the iPod), choosing songs for the trip home. Big Man and Mooch are the beat boxers of my motley crew, so when the music came on, they did their thing. TDawg and I sang along with the songs(well, he tried, anyway -- mostly, he was just in awe of the older boys).

Thirty minutes later, as we drove up to Mooch's house to drop him off, the music came to an end and all I could do was smile.

Tonight, I gave my kids a magical memory.

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