Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shit or get off the pot

Almost a year ago, I decided that I wanted to live in New York City (for the reasons see my previous blogs). Since then I've been in the planning stages of this endeavor. I researched the hell out of areas I would like to live, jobs I'd like to do and the schools to which I'd like to send my daughter. I've researched some more. And again. And...

And...it's time to shit or get off the pot.

Financially, we cannot move to New York City right now. Aside from the expense of living in that city, we're bound to a house we have to sell and a savings account we need to rebuild. I traveled a lot again this summer (and knew when I began that it would mean a setback for the move), went to a friend's wedding (which meant expenses related to travel and wardrobe I wouldn't have normally spent) and thanks to all the travel, some car repairs & upkeep that seems to never end. Long story short: the big move waits.

That being said, I'm not waiting.

I talked to Hubs tonight about spending a month in New York around the first of the year. A sabbatical in the city is how this whole move talk had come up in the first place, so it wasn't really something we hadn't discussed before. This little tryst, however won't be a three-month venture as originally planned. Instead, it'll be a brief five-week period. I am the most creative when I'm inspired by the lights and sounds of New York, so what better place to go to finish the edits on my book and expose myself to other writers and possible agents through conferences and classes the city can offer me? I'm fortunate to have AMAZING friends who have offered to let me stay with them. My only expenses will be personal spending money, food and transportation within the city. We're a thrifty bunch, so I'm not worried whatsoever. I also have good friends in the city who I know won't let me go hungry or without a ride somewhere if I need it.

I want to explore more of the city while I'm there - see the in's and out's of different neighborhoods and boroughs. I want to talk to a realtor to find out what hurdles we'll need to overcome in relocating to the East coast. I want to talk to other New Yorkers who have relocated themselves and find out what problems cropped up for them. I refuse to go into something without exhausting all the possible scenarios, so this trip is important not just for my creative nature, but for my organized one, too. I won't move my family half-way across the country only to find out we can't find decent housing or the job market isn't what I thought it was. I've been telling myself that I have ONE shot at doing this right and the more prepared I can be going into it, the better. This trip will help with that preparation.

When I told Ann Marie tonight about spending a month in NY, her response was "'bout time." Apparently she's been waiting for me to shit or get off the pot, too.

What I don't know if I've mentioned is how very in-sync I seem to be with my closest friends on this move. Kimmi, one of my best friends since first grade, will be relocating to NYC (hopefully) by November. She's been in Denver all of her adult life and like me, she wants to go where she's creatively-influenced. AM, the bestie mentioned above, is also wanting to make her way to the Big Apple. And of course, my friends Jenn, Sherri and Todd are already there. I have other friends and acquaintances I've come to know who aren't far off either.

I'm one of those "signs" people - I believe everything happens for a reason but if I'm not feeling it, it won't happen - and everything is pointing to this month in New York being exactly what needs to happen.

Now...if somebody can tell me why I chose the coldest damn month of the year to do my little experiment I'd be extremely grateful. (There is NOTHING as cold as Brooklyn in January.)

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