Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day Late and a Dollar Short, Pal

Hello Charming Beautiful....
Hey! How are you doing?,I am Vincent _____ from NJ, I am a single widower at 45with one Son and a Telecommunication Engineer , I am a christian and i am very open and honest cuz i don't see any benefit in lying , I am currently looking for my soul mate, I am new on here and praying to meet that special person to make me feel happy here , I never tried thing online dating stuff before but my friend just introduced me to a Dating Site and i think you describe part of the things i am looking for in a woman , I am really thrilled with your beautiful profile and i would like to use this chance to tell you that you're a very beautiful woman and i bet you her that all the time , I will really like to get to know you and see how it goes, I have a yahoo im if you have one and one you can add me on ________ and you can send me an email there also, you can reply to my email address on ______ and tell me more about yourself .,,. I will be waiting to read from you

I received this message on Facebook today.
Let me address this.
  1. I'm married.
  2. I'm not in New Jersey.
  3. I'm not looking for a soul mate.
  4. While I have done online dating in the past, I stopped when it brought me my husband.
  5. I'm not on a dating site, nor do I have a public profile anywhere, "beautiful" or otherwise.
  6. I actually don't hear that I'm beautiful all the time, which is why I know this message is a joke.
  7. Thanks for playing. Pick up your parting gifts on the way out.
Seriously, people???

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