Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finally Feng Shui!

When I remodeled my office last winter I should have taken more time to study the art of feng shui. It's not that I didn't love having my own space - I totally did - but I always felt weird when I sat in the chair at my table and worked on my laptop.

I stood in the doorway to take this picture and you can see that when seated, my back is to the door and I'm facing an East window. I've never really given much credence to feng shui but something about this layout just didn't feel right to me. I hated having my back to the door. It always felt like somebody would sneak up on me somehow. When I talked to my friend Kimmi, she mentioned feng shui and asked me if I'd ever thought about it when arranging furniture or redecorating my house. I honestly hadn't.

When I started looking things up, I discovered, according to several sources, that the placement of my furniture was alllllll sorts of feng-shui-wrong. Figures. Guess I'd be moving things around again. But for now? I'd just turned this room from a bedroom to a personal oasis. I was exhausted and while I wasn't perfectly comfortable with how things were laid out, I was too damn exhausted to move it.

Tonight, I finally had enough and decided to at least move my table around. The big desk may come later. It may not. Hubs typically uses that space the most (I use it only when I need to print things off or burn CD's for my clients. The rest of my work is done on the laptop.) and he couldn't give two shits what the space "feels like" as long as he's able to get done what he's attempting to do.

The chair I sit in is the blue one and, as you can see, is against the window and facing the door. It allows me to see the whole room and the door. Until I sat down, I hadn't realized just how uncomfortable the other position of the chair was. It may seem silly, but even my breathing feels deeper sitting here. I used to feel deep tension in my shoulders, now? It feels less so.

I don't know that it truly makes a difference, but I'm willing to leave things this way for a while and see how things go.

If you want to see how zen your office is, check out this article.

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