Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some changes...

The last six months I've slipped from my usually smiley (yet snarky) self into a hollow shell of what I was. I've become bitchy, judgmental and quick to bite heads off. I'm sick of it myself, so I can only imagine how tired of it you all are.

I'm sorry.

All that changes right now. I'm going to fight to bring old Melly back - the witty, sarcastic, fun-loving, laughs-all-the-time one. I'll need your help. When you see me slipping, Gibbs slap me, k?

Now...that being said, I feel it's only fair that I warn you over the course of the next week, I'm going to become over the top giddy with energy and excitement. I've never spent an entire week in my favorite city with my bestie, so I could get a little crazy. Bear with me. Mute me if I get to be too much, but come back when my squeeing is over, k? I will miss you.

(**Disclaimer: I will still call Jon a Fartass and Cudlitz a Fucker. I'll still second guess AJ's recovery, teeter-totter on whether Joe's ego is over the top and tell Danny to smile in all his twitpics. I'll still scream at Pierce to stop missing 3's [I mean seriously, Paul...they're NOT that tough]. I'll still talk too damn much and still share inside jokes with @DonniesDancer that very few others understand. I'll still talk in code sometimes, too. But if you're willing to stick around, I promise I'll be 100% ME again. Deal?)

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