Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Resolutions Revisted

 I go back and forth with resolutions and whether or not I'll make them. This is why:

This was my list from last year.

I'll address each one individually:

1. Sleep at least once a day. I know that sounds like a no-brainer for most people. With my schedule the last year, this hasn't always been the case. I mostly made this one. There were a few days when I only got an hour or two of sleep, but I did sleep, so that's an improvement from 2009.

2. Buy one dress each month and wear them as often as possible. I bought ONE new dress. Guess that means I have 11 more to buy in the next four hours, eh?

3. Subscribe to a magazine. Does it count when someone else subscribes you to a magazine? I think so. DONE!

4. Accomplish the weight loss goal I set for myself last summer. (So far, I'm on track, just slowed down a bit.) Let's not talk about it. Moving on.

5. Continue eliminating toxic people from my life. If they don't build me up, they have no business being here. I've become the toxic person and I hate it. This one? Totally needs work.

6. Send birthday cards and/or emails to all my friends and family (So if you think I don't have your birthday saved, please send me an email with your birthdate!). #EPICfail

7. Travel more with my family. Yeah, not so much.

8. Take more bubble baths. I think I took three the whole year.

9. Go camping a few times. I didn't go even once.

10. Read 50 new books. I read three. But I wrote one. That counts, right? No? Damn.

11. Redecorate my bedroom. Still same old drab deco.

12. Spend a long weekend traveling with each of my kids separately. Yeah, didn't happen. #MomFail

13. Spend a long weekend with my husband...and only my husband. This didn't happen either.

14. Spend more time taking pictures of things I enjoy rather than things I'm being paid to shoot. Not nearly enough time on the fun stuff.

15. Finish writing my book. YES!

16. Finish writing my other book. Sorry. I was too busy with #15.

17. Visit three new states I've never been to before. I visited California. One outta three ain't bad.

18. Revisit three states I've already been to.  New York, Illinois and Missouri

19. See a pro sports team play...still haven't decided who or where yet. Another no-go. BUT, I did catch a cab in front of Madison Square Garden, so I'm making progress.

20. Blog daily. BWAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAA! *deep breath* HAAAAAAAA!

So what does that mean for this year? I'll probably make another 20 resolutions that won't come true, but it is kinda fun to come up with new things to accomplish. Let's see how we do, shall we? Stay tuned for tomorrow's list of resolutions for 2011.

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