Monday, July 19, 2010

Who's got the vodka?

So I made a giant step out of my comfort zone a little bit ago: I opened myself up to new subscribers/readers.

You may not see this as a big deal "She writes blogs all the time, she's writing a book, what's the big damn deal?" Right?

Well, fact of the matter is, I'm HIGHLY uncomfortable in the spotlight. I get sweaty palms, clammy skin, heart palpitations and waves of nausea when attention is focused on me. When a small group of friends listen to what I have to say, I'm fine. I can even speak in front of large groups of people, so long as I'm in control and I'm aware of who's there and what they're hearing. But when strangers start wanting to listen, I get a little freaked out. I like my privacy. I mean reaaaaaaaallllly like my privacy.

Unfortunately, I've got a big mouth which doesn't exactly coincide with my desire to fly under the radar most days. It draws me a lot of attention. Some days I do okay with that, but other days, not so much.

But if I'm going down the path that I have carved out for myself, I better get used to my shit being out there for the world to see, right? So....that being said, who's got the vodka?

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