Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy like a fox

A few months ago, my friend CriSillyus wrote a blog about having spotted a fox and the symbolism of it. I read the blog when she first posted it and hadn't really put it entirely out of my mind, though I wasn't 100% certain what exact symbolism it was. She's more into the nature symbolism thing than I am. It's not that I don't believe in certain things like that, it's just not what I put a lot of thought into, but for whatever reason, this fox of hers never really went too far from my thoughts.

So she called me last night to tell me about what an amazing weekend she had. (She hadn't had times like these in a while - lots of internal turmoil/decision making - so I was excited to hear about it.) She was telling me about the great things that had happened and there it was.

Right in front of me, dashing across the road.

A silver fox.

I stopped her mid-sentence, remembering her blog from last November, to tell her about the fox.

She was speechless. I was too. I've had "weird" things happen before, but nothing like that. It was almost surreal. It's ironic, actually...the turmoil she's been dealing with has been figured out. Mine? Just beginning. That silver fox has a way of making its rounds.


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