Friday, March 5, 2010

You were loved.

Dear Jordan,
You'll probably never read this, but I hope as you go through life with your new family that you never forget that you are loved by your biological one. You will not be forgotten.

There were choices made by your parents that may have you question your worth as a person, but I hope you realize that you are loved. Loved beyond words. By all of us.

I regret not having stepped forward when your grandma asked me for help with your custody case. I can't say that my testimony would've made a difference, but at least I may not have felt as helpless as I do right now. I could rest, knowing that I'd done everything I could to keep you with our family.

I'm sorry that we won't celebrate birthdays and holidays with you. I'm sorry that you won't know the love that our family is capable of sharing. I pray someday you'll find some meaning to all that's happened to you in your young life. Until then, I wish you joy.

I trust that God has sent you on this particular path for a reason and that your foster/adoptive family will love you as much as we do...that they will give you all the things your parents couldn't have...that you will have a life that would've been otherwise impossible.

I love you, Baby J and I will miss you very much.

Your great-aunt Mel

(For those unfamiliar, my great-nephew Jordan was surrendered to the state by his mother when he was just a year old. Since then, my nephew and sister both have attempted to gain custody of him. Due to personal reasons I won't discuss here, the judge revoked parental rights to my nephew and in a decision today has also granted custody of my great-nephew to the state. This means that he will be placed up for adoption and will be adopted by his foster family. This decision hereby ends any familial rights any of us have to see him.)

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