Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What it means...

Many have asked me what my tattoo is on the back of my neck. It's the letter "S" (some have thought it was some sort of symbol). It stands for many things - I'll detail them here:

Those who are important to me:
My children's names
My husband's last name (and mine, too of course)
Shaindy - a Hebrew name my friend Heine gave to me

My hobbies and passions:
Scrapbooking - I've done it for years and have spent so much time archiving my past and the past of those who've gone before me.
Shutterbugging - Always a passion and now my career
Singing - Music is paramount in my life. I love singing and while my voice will never win me a Grammy, it's nice to just cut loose once in a while
Story-teller - I love writing and reciting stories

Things to describe me: Sensitive, Sassy, Sentimental, Scarred, Sociable, Seductive, Sensible, Saucy, Sensual, Self-searching, Sexy, Snarky, Submissive, Spoiled, Smart, Survivor, Strong, Shy, Sympathetic, Sincere, Spontaneous, Supportive, Sweet, Scrumptious, Sanguine, Sultry...among others.

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