Monday, March 22, 2010

So...whatcha writin'?

I've buried myself to the hilt in writing a book.

And, of course, by "book," I mean this fictional monstrosity that won't die and absorbs every minute of my waking existence.

I've had many people ask me what I'm writing, what it's about, when will they get to read it, blah blah.

What's it about?: It's fan-fiction, though it extends well beyond that as the story progresses. Loosely, it's about a girl who meets up with an old flame almost a decade after they break up. They attempt to rekindle their romance, but there are complications and hurdles they must overcome. Overall, the book focuses on lost opportunities and how many of them the main character will be willing to endure before she finally does something about it.

When can I read it?: Unless I go through when I'm finished and REWRITE the entire thing replacing names and scenarios, I will never share it with a publishing company, much less get it into the hands of curious readers. As it's written right now, it's toward one very small audience. Outside that audience, no one would read it, as is.

Is it well-written? I've been told so by those who have read it.
Is it a good story? Again, I've been told so.
Am I happy with the storyline? Absolutely. However, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up that you'll actually get to read it.

I've compared this book to a practice pancake. You know what I mean: that first scoop of batter out of the batch that soaks up all the Pam in the skillet. It looks like hell, tastes even worse and nobody but the dog will eat it, but it seasons the pan for the rest of the pancakes. That's what this book is to me: my practice pancake.

That being said, I have been given some writing prompts recently by a friend of mine and the memoirs that really can (and hopefully will) be published will start to flow more freely.

Anyway...for those who've wondered where I've been, now ya know.

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