Friday, January 1, 2010


I'm not usually a resolution kind of person. I mean, who the hell wants to make promises to themselves that just end up being broken anyway? But..the more I've thought about it, the stronger I felt about doing a list anyway. We'll see how we did this time next year.

1. Sleep at least once a day. I know that sounds like a no-brainer for most people. With my schedule the last year, this hasn't always been the case.

2. Buy one dress each month and wear them as often as possible.

3. Subscribe to a magazine.

4. Accomplish the weight loss goal I set for myself last summer. (So far, I'm on track, just slowed down a bit.)

5. Continue eliminating toxic people from my life. If they don't build me up, they have no business being here.

6. Send birthday cards and/or emails to all my friends and family (So if you think I don't have your birthday saved, please send me an email with your birthdate!).

7. Travel more with my family.

8. Take more bubble baths.

9. Go camping a few times.

10. Read 50 new books.

11. Redecorate my bedroom.

12. Spend a long weekend traveling with each of my kids separately.

13. Spend a long weekend with my husband...and only my husband.

14. Spend more time taking pictures of things I enjoy rather than things I'm being paid to shoot.

15. Finish writing my book

16. Finish writing my other book.

17. Visit three new states I've never been to before.

18. Revisit three states I've already been to.

19. See a pro sports team play...still haven't decided who or where yet.

20. Blog daily.

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