Friday, January 29, 2010

NKOTB questions Livestream COULD have asked

We all saw the painful interview that @Livestream just did with New Kids on the Block. You know, the one that pissed Danny off and made Jon give that squinty-faced "Who Cares?" look. The interviewer (and I use that term QUITE loosely because, let's face it, my twelve year old would've been a better journalist) asked the same lame-ass questions that the guys have been asked for the last two years: "Why did you guys reunite?" "What's the craziest thing a fan has ever done?" I mean REALLY? What, because none of us have heard about how Donnie heard the song "Click, Click, Click" and decided it was time to come together again? Because nobody's listened to the recap about Joe's crazy Korean shower girls 14,000 times?

I came up with some questions (with my twelve-year-old, btw) that COULD have been asked. Feel free to add your own!

10. You've just come off a week long tour of the US to promote your new DVD "Coming Home," where you've sat with fans and watched it side-by-side in a theater. What was it like being there with your fans and seeing their reactions first-hand?

9. Your fan-base is typically made up of thirty-somethings who grew up listening to your music. Now their children are listening to you. Do you find it surreal that you've touched two generations of fans?

8. The "Coming Home" DVD has some gag reels and bloopers on it. What were some of your favorite silly moments over the last couple years that didn't make the DVD?

7. Danny, you've inspired thousands of fans to start taking better care of their health through diet, exercise and regular breast exams. Have you ever thought about doing a fitness video?

6. Joe, your son Griffin was quite visible at concerts and in videos and behind-the-scenes interviews over the last two years, yet we haven't seen even a photograph of your new son, Rhys. Why is that?

5. Some of you have started following your fans on Twitter. What's the most surprising thing you've learned about them through there?

4. Speaking of fans, surely you've noticed the camaraderie that has developed among Blockheads. Many have said "It's not about the guys anymore, it's about this family we've developed." What are your thoughts?

3. This time around, you've said that you're much more accessible to fans thanks to the internet and social networking sites like Twitter. Do you find it harder to have downtime with your families and close friends this way?

2. You've said in past interviews that there was a lot of music that didn't make it on "The Block." Do you plan on releasing any of that music or any new music anytime soon?

1. You've got a four-day Cruise in May, two Radio City Music Hall shows in June. What else is on the tour agenda for New Kids on the Block this year?

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